Proper Breathing Techniques: Mood and Health

Breathing is a Life Force.

Whenever we experience any particular set of stress factors in our life, we seldom take the moment to observe what is physiologically happening within our body and mind.

Our bodies become tense, our minds become defensive and confused, and our breath becomes irregular.

Even with little stress, people have a tendency to NOT use their lungs to its fullest capacity.

A naturally full breath cycle is vital for maintaining optimal mental and physical states.

Think about this.

One set of lungs essentially encapsulates the entire chest cavity.

Our lungs begin at the clavicles an end towards the bottom of the rib cage.

The ribs serve many purposes.

It helps to keep us erect but it also encages the spongy lungs and protects them from punctures and other traumas. Ever think about how good it feels to take a nice, deep SIGH?

Immediately, one gets that sense of Ahhhh....and relaxation throughout their body.

Full, deep breathing has been associated with inducing quality sleep.

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This is a sustainable state one can enjoy by intentionally ensuring the body experiences naturally full breaths.

This is essential for sustaining life by fueling your body, mind and spirit with oxygenated blood.

What does a complete breath cycle entail?

A full cycle involves a partnership between the heart and the lungs.

It is a marriage and when one partner fails, the other faithfully attempts to compensate by working harder.

If this disconnect is not resolved, the entire marriage disintegrates causing many health problems for the person.

You have the right side and the left side of the body.

The right side of the heart brings in De-Oxygenated (Blue) blood through the lungs.

You now inhale, filling your lungs with oxygen.

The right side of the heart passes the de-oxygenated blood through the lungs capturing the oxygen you've just inhaled from the plants on the earth.

The hemoglobin within the blood acts as a vehicle. The oxygen molecules attach to the hemoglobin.

The left side of the heart then pumps Oxygenated (Red) blood to the rest of the body.

This cycle ends with exhalation releasing carbon dioxide unto the earth beneficial for plant life.

The body accomplishes this in just one breath cycle. In reality, this picture is actually more complicated.

Not only does breathing keep one's mind crisp but it is also the only way one's body is fueled with oxygen.

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