Arnica helps you heal

by Mel

When I had my first baby I went to a small convalescent home to rest and recover. It was a bit old fashioned for the 1980s but it was lovely to be in because of that.

It was run by a matron. She was very strict but one of the kindest people you could ever wish to meet.

My baby had arrived in a hurry and he'd been delivered with forceps. As a result I had stitches and was very bruised. That made it painful to sit.

The matron at the home had a solution for me.

She told me to put a little pile of salt in the bath and sit on it. This would help the stitches to heal faster.

Then she gave me arnica. I'd never heard of it before but she assured me that it was a very old remedy that would help to ease the bruising. It takes down the swelling very quickly and she said it would help me to sit more comfortably.

The arnica came as very tiny pills that were described as tissue salts. You put two under your tongue and let them dissolve. For the first day you took them 6 times a day then you went to 4 times a day for the next 4 or 5 days. It was like a miracle! Within a few hours of taking the first couple of doses I felt so much better.

Since then, whenever I've had bruises I've taken arnica. It's very gentle, so I used it with my children too.

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