Natural Arthritis and Pain Solutions


is a systemic disease which affects the whole body. Therefore, any measure to correct the condition or minimize its impact should directed at correcting the underlying cause.

This is accomplished by treating the body as a whole to help overcome the systemic disturbances, and to normalize the metabolic processes.

It is not a single disease. Many forms of arthritis exist, such as Osteo-arthritis, Gout, Rheumatoid and Systemic Lupus.

Not only are joints affected, but also the connective tissue throughout the body can be involved. Muscles and soft tissue of several organs can be part of the inflammatory process as well.

Let's start with a few endogenous (inside) remedies. These remedies are intended to minimize systemic (inside) inflammation. After that, you will find a few external arthritis remedies which will help with topical swelling and pain.

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Endogenous Ayurvedic Remedy - An ancient system of medicine from India, which emphasizes proper nutrition, massage, meditation, and natural medication

Calamus Root - Calamus root is a water-based plant that grows along the edges of lakes and swamps. It is characterized by long, tall stalks which can reach up to three feet in height. It is also known as sweet flag, flagroot and cinnamon sedge. Medicinal use is popular in Ayuvedic medicine (India), Native American and Chinese medicine

Uses - It is used for its sedative effects, it increases stamina and endurance. It also helps relieve indigestion, stomach cramps, chest pain, dilates blood vessels and increases blood flow

Available Forms - infusion, powder and tincture

Adult Dosages and Route -

* Infusion - 4 drachms (unit of weight) of the root, coarsely bruised, in 8 fluid ounces of water

* Powdered root - 20 to 40 grains

* Tincture - may be prepared from 1 part of the root and 5 parts of alcohol. Dose, from 5 to 30 minims (unit of fluid)

Arthritis Remedy - Helps dilate blood vessels thereby increasing blood flow to inflammed and pained areas. Increased blood flow helps reduce inflammation and pain.

Precautionary Information - Plant loses its potency with age. Do not peel to preserve root. Bitter taste. Sedative, carcinogenic and hallucigenic effects in larger amounts and doses. Can also cause liver damage in larger amounts and doses.

Ayurvedic recipe:

* Take 250g calamus root mixed with 3 liters of cold water, bring to a boil, filter and pour it into a bowl. Hydrate at room temperature. The broth stimulates peripheral circulation to swollen, painful areas. Provides distraction as an analgesic.

Additional Ayurvedic recipe:

* Calamus (root) – 1 part

* Thyme (herb) – 1 part

* Prepare and use in the same way as the previous recipe.

Endogenous (inside) Remedy - Supplement combination of Chondroitin and Glucosamine. Most are familiar with these supplements as these are well advertised commercially. If you are already taking these as a drink or in capsule form, then make sure your product has adequate dosage.

Chondroitin - It is obtained from bovine tracheal cartilage

Glucosamine - An aminosugar, extracted from shellfish or synthetically made. It is found in cell membranes, such as the substance in the exoskeleton of beetles, crabs and other marine life.

Uses - Chondroitin is typically used in combination with Glucosamine to treat and minimize arthritis symptoms. Glucosamine is used alone OR in combination with Chondroitin to relieve arthritis and other joint discomforts.

Available Forms - Chondroitin comes in capsules of 200mg and 400mg. Glucosamine comes in capsules and tablets

Adult Dosages and Route - for general use

* Capsules / tablets - Weight < 120LBS = 1000mg glucosamine and 800mg chondroitin. Weight between 120 - 200 LBS = 1500mg glucosamine and 1200mg chondroitin. Weight > 200 LBS = 2000mg glucosamine and 1600mg chondroitin. (Theodosakis, 1997) This dosage is once or twice per day.

Precautionary Information - Glucosamine should be avoided if allergic to shellfish. Some reports suggest elevation of blood sugar in diabetics. Those on blood thinner, such as coumadin, may chance an increased risk of bleeding. Chondroitin should not be used by persons with renal failure, bleeding disorders, asthma.

Exogenous(outside)Arthritis Remedy - For topical swelling and pain.

A) Turmeric Paste - Reduce topical inflammation

1) Place a tablespoon of turmeric into a shallow dish.

2) Add a teaspoon of water

3) Gently mix turmeric and water until the water is fully absorbed.

4) Add more water and continue to stir paste until consistency is similar to firm mud. The paste should be tacky enough to stick onto the skin. It should not be runny.

5) Spread a layer of turmeric paste over pained and swollen area.

This paste can be used to soothe skin conditions such as boils, poison ivy, sprained ligament or swollen joints.

6) Cover in gauze. Leave in place over night.

B) Chloroform and Aspirin - Reduce topical pain

1) Crush two aspirins (not substitutes) into a powder.

2) Add 2 tablespoons of chloroform and mix. Consistency should be tacky, and not runny.

3) Spread paste onto the affected area.

4) Apply paste several times a day.

Arthritis remedy - It is stated that the chloroform will dissolve soap residue, oil, and dead cells from the top layer of the skin. This permits for the aspirin to easily soak into the skin and desensitize the affected (painful) nerve endings. Many feel better within minutes and the relief can last for hours.

***Do not use if allergic or sensitive to aspirin***

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