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Depression is a feeling of intense sadness.

It generates intense emotions of hopelessness, despair and anger. It is often associated with low energy levels.

It may follow a recent loss or other grave event but it is out of proportion to that event and continues well past an appropriate length of time.

It should not be associated with anxiety, although they may seem similar.

Individuals with anxiety disorder, often experience uncontrollable fear, and panic.

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Its causes are not fully understood.

Several factors may make a person more inclined than others, such as heredity, side effects of certain pharmaceuticals, or even an introverted personality.

Another cause is physical disorders.

Here are two examples...

A thyroid condition may upset the natural hormone balance of a person, directly inducing depression.

It is indirectly induced with certain medical conditions, such as Rheumatoid Arthritis.

The pain and disability associated with this condition and others, often leads to depression and anxiety.

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These feelings of intense sadness can even arise or worsen without any significant triggers.

Women are more prone than men, but the reasons are not entirely clear.

Some studies show that some women respond to adversity by withdrawing and blaming themselves, whereas men tend to respond by denying the adversity and throwing themselves into activities.

Biologically, hormones play a big factor.

Childbirth, menses, use of oral contraceptives and aging all play a significant factor in one's mood.

There are two types:

Situational - Typically, this is followed by a tragic event such as a death.

Some people become depressed temporarily in reaction to certain holidays or a meaningful anniversary.

Endogenous - These are feelings triggered without a precipitating event.

These distinctions are not very critical since the effects and the treatment are similar.

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Symptoms typically develop gradually over weeks and even months.

Many individuals can NOT even experience emotions, but this is in the extreme.

Many depressed people suffer from insomnia, lethargy, lack of sexual appetite, poor nutritional appetite, and, in some female cases, the menses stops.

An episode may last six to nine months, but in about 20%-25% of the population, it can last for two years or longer.

Episodes may occur several times over the course of one's lifespan.

One can manage this condition at home.

Quite often, people experiencing Anxiety or Depression resort to such mindful techniques, such as Meditation, Visualization, Yoga and more.

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The source of the problem must first be addressed followed by treatment.

In extreme cases, it is suggested one consult their physician.

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