Organic Facial Masks...
Moisturizer, Soother, Cleanser

Facial masks are very popular in spas, and in our society in general.

Hundreds and even thousands of dollars per year are expended on this priviledge.

This page offers several home based recipes using the principals ingredients also used is spas but at a fraction of the cost.

We have suggested that radiant, healthy skin begins from within.

Search our Aging Remedy page to discover a host of nutritional solutions intended to address the building blocks (collagen, essential fatty acids, anti-oxidants) of preventative aging and damaged skin.

What about promoting clear, radiant, beautiful skin -- Topically?

Addressing this question is also essential.

We believe the number one ingredient for beautiful surface skin is prevention.

This comes in the form of sun-screen with a minimum SPF 15.

But there are also other skin factors to consider such as pore size, discoloration and over-all luminosity.

This page offers several home based recipes for facial masks to use topically on damaged skin or to use pro-actively.

Masks are very beneficial because they can help rid the skin of impurities by moisturizing, conditioning and deep cleansing the skin.

Scroll down on this page to discover recipes for home based facial masks............enjoy!

Green Tea Face Mask - Green Tea contains polyphenols which are noted for preventing a host of disease states when taken internally.

But many may not realize the many benefits of using Green Tea externally.

It can preserve your complexion and also help prevent photo-aging, which is the most common source for skin damage, such as wrinkles.

Required Ingredients:

- Green Tea Powder

- One fresh egg

- Lemon juice

- Fresh honey

Collect your ingredients:

- Break your fresh egg and place it into a bowl or glass container.

- Add three teaspoons of powdered green tea to the bowl.

- Add three drops of lemon juice.

- Stir or blend the ingredients well.

- Slowly add honey to the mixture until you form a thick paste.

- Store your Green Tea paste in the refrigerator until use.

How to use:

- Cleanse your skin with luke warm water which will open your skin pores.

- Tap dry.

- Apply generously to forehead, down to cheeks and neck.

- Avoid eyelids.

- Let saturate the skin for 20-30 minutes.

- Rinse skin with warm water and apply face moisturizer

Coconut Milk Face Mask - Coconuts are an excellent source of beneficial fats, minerals and other nurients.

It is very popular with commercial beauty retailers for its natural ability to soothe and hydrate the skin.

Coconut milk can be used as a facial or a bath.

Facial Mask:

- Soak half cup of brown rice in warm water for an hour

- Strain and place in blender

- Add 1/2 cup chopped cucumber

- Add 1/4 cup pumpkin puree

- Add 2 tsp. coconut oil

- Blend until smooth

- Wash face with lukewarm water to open skin pores

- Apply Coconut Facial Mask generously throughout face and neck

- Let saturate for 30 minutes

You can use coconut milk by itself. Simply saturate cleansed face with coconut milk for 30 minutes and rinse off.

You can also create a paste by combining coconut milk with honey and almond powder. Blend or stir until smooth, apply generously for 30 minutes and rinse.

Clay Facial Mask - Clay masks have been used for thousands of years. It helps slough off the outer layer of dead skin cells, and it also calms topical inflammation.

Clay, Sloughing Facial Mask - The alpha-hydroxy acid found in the lactic acid of milk helps slough off dead skin cells.

The clay will cleanse your pores while honey will soothe and calm inflammed and irritated skin.

- Use 3 - 4 tablespoons whole milk

- 2 tablespoons clay (Good options: Green Clay and White Kaolin)

- 1 teaspoon honey

- 4 drops essential oils (can be optional for aroma)

- Mix or blend until smooth but not watery

- Cleanse face with luke warm water to open pores and apply generously throughout face and neck

- Avoid eye area

- Let saturate for 30 minutes or until paste is completely dry

- Completely wash off and moisturize

Clay Facial Mask to Cleanse Pores - An aspirin scrub mask is very beneficial for cleansing out pores. This is helpful only if you have oily, non-sensitive skin.

Commercial beauty retailers know the advantage of using salicylic acid found in aspirin to clear out pores.

It is often a principle ingredient in acne skin care products, including their masks.

Search here to learn about other Home Based Remedies for Acne or Acne Scarring.

Here's what to do:

- Dissolve 3 uncoated aspirins in a very small amount of water.

- Stir.

- Mix it into the clay mask described above in the Sloughing Facial Mask recipe

- It acts as a scrub when used as a mask

- Let saturate for 20 - 30 minutes and rinse completely with luke warm water

- Moisturize

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