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The Real Hair Loss Remedy

The need and demand for a hair loss remedy is very evident.

Each year, millions of individuals are affected by hair thinning and hair loss. Hair loss sufferers spend more than 3.5 billion dollars a year attempting to treat their hair loss.

Unfortunately, the majority of retail products on the market are ineffective.

However, with the advent of 5-alpha-reductase inhibitors (decreases DHT levels) and the evolution of surgical hair restoration, noticeable hair loss can now be managed or, at least, hindered.

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Here is why a Hair Loss Remedy can be beneficial for you.

Well, because 5-alpha-reductase inhibitors also have significant side effects. Lower DHT levels can translate into lower estrogen / androgen ratio. This means that body fat (adipose tissue) is not metabolized as efficiently. It can also mean that the body may not create muscle as efficiently.

Read about the causes of hair loss, including DHT, from the American Hair Loss Association.

Any hair loss remedy, such as herbal supplements, can help balance and lower this hormone without the same degree of side effects.

This page will present several home remedies for hair loss with the focus being on strengthening, nourishing and circulation for the hair follicles.

A) Dulse Fronds - Dulse is a red algae or seaweed. It is found in the northern coast of the Atlantic and Pacific oceans.

Uses - Dulse contains a high content in vitamin B-6, B-12, and A, C,and E. It also contains iodine, zinc, iron and manganese. It is a rich source of fiber which aids the body in absorbing nutrients by ridding itself of toxins. It is a natural source of iodine thereby benefiting the function of the thyroid gland which is essential for healthy hair, nails and skin.

Hair Loss Remedy -

* Vitamin B-6 - Lacking this vitamin is considered one of the contributing factors to hair loss. B-6 is responsible for the absorption of nutrients, which are essential to growing hair. Therefore, not having enough of it in your system will eventually lead to hair loss, poor skin and irritability. Additionally, B6 aids in the production of red blood cells, which helps carry oxygen and nutrients to the hair follicles.

* Iodine - The major function of the thyroid gland is to produce thyroid hormone in an amount adequate to meet the body's needs. The thyroid gland uses iodine to produce thyroid hormone. Thyroid hormones are essential for growth (including hair growth), temperature and heart rate.

* Zinc - This is a trace mineral found in the body. It is essential cell reproduction (hair cells), hormonal balances, nutrient absorption and protein synthesis. It also maintains oil-secreting glands which are essential for quality hair.

* Vitamin A,C,E - Vitamin A works synergistically with C, E and Zinc to promote hair re-growth.

Precautionary Information - If one was to take these vitamins independently, caution should be exercised as these can cause the opposite effect of its intended use.

Otherwise, dulse fronds is quite versatile as it has many culinary uses.

It is often used by vegans and vegetarians as means to supplement their non-animal nutrient intake.

Horsetail (Equisetum arvense) - This plant is a perennial found in Europe and parts of Asia. It has scale-like leaves and no flowers.

Uses - When horsetail is applied topically on hair, it has been known to restore its shine. It can also promote wound healing when used externally. When taken internally, horsetail has been known to strengthen hair, bones, teeth and nails. It adds silica to the hair which can naturally boost hair needs.

Hair Loss Remedy - It contains silica which is a mineral. Silica beautifies hair with luster, elasticity and vigor by aiding the maintenance of collagen.

Available Forms - Crude herb, fluid extract, and in component in combination product.

Adult Dosages and Route -

* Fluid extract by mouth - 20-40 drops 3-4x/day

* Topically - 10g herb used in a Liter of water, used as a compress or bath as needed.

* Tea - Pour 8 ounces of boiling water over 2-3g herb, boil for 5 minutes, let stand for 15 minutes and strain

Precautionary Information - Ensure your product is free of THIAMINASE which can cause serious nervous system damage. Some manufacturers, such as in Canada, are obligated to ensure and prove their product is thiaminase-free.

Combination of Burdock, Nettles, Peach Leaf, Rosemary, Sage

Rosemary and Sage are two herbs which have been traditionally used to successfully promote stimulation of the hair root, thickening of hair, and cleanliness of the scalp when used externally.

Concoction for Hair Loss Remedy - These can be boiled together along with burdock, nettles, and peach leaf in water, strain the loose herbs and use the remaining liquid to cleanse the hair daily.

Another recommendation is to steep one ounce of ground rosemary, two ounces of ground sage and half an ounce of ground nettles in one pint of ethyl alcohol for one week, then strain the solution and add one ounce of castor oil and one ounce of water. This concoction creates a hair lotion which should be applied at night before bedtime.

Jojoba Oil

If you have concerns with eczema, psoriasis, or dandruff, you may want to consider using jojoba oil.

For centuries, Mexicans and southwestern Native American nations have used jojoba oil to promote hair growth and to control dandruff.

Hair Loss Remedy - Jojoba oil is a solution for those with sensitive skin by being a great moisturizer and mimicking the scalp’s own sebum.

It is easily absorbed into the scalp, helps remove deposits of sebum from the hair follicles, neutralizes acidity, and nourishes the scalp with all the B vitamins, vitamin E, silicon, copper, zinc, chromium, and iodine.

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