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Here's an example provided to us by a reader which illustrates the potential benefits for Home Remedies.

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The categories below the subject heading, Home Remedies for the Body, will briefly describe an organ, and explain its disease process.

This is then followed by the appropriate holistic remedy for several of the most common conditions such as acne, heartburn, headaches and more. Within this description, you can be linked to a menu of home based remedies.

We've included remedies for:

Acne, Acne Scars, Yeast Infections, Viral and Bacterial Infections, Cold and Flu, Warts, Aging, Hair Loss, Digestive Problems and more...

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Here's a brief story which highlights the benefits of holistic medicine.

This story was provided to us by M.Cintron. The participant states:

"I hadn't yet graduated from High School when I began experiencing mild headaches.

By the time I graduated though, the headaches endured all day.

The only remedy was OTC pain killers.

But these led to stomach upsets, decreased appetite, and scattered brusing.

The CT scans, and the MRIs were inconclusive.

The family physician referred me to a neurologist who prescribed little blue pills.

These pills had a significant sedative effect without alleviating the pain."

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"Finally and by accident, I discovered the term "chiropractic."

Of course, this is not a home remedy. It's not recommended that one attempts to manipulate or adjust their neck or spine .

But, chiropractic did lead me to re-evaluating my health priorities. I also gained from the perspective of less is more...and home remedies and holistic medicine is based on this principle.

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After 3 months of consistent care, the headaches were completely resolved without the use of pharmaceuticals or any invasive procedures.

Here are this story's gems...

Though it took a Doctor of Chiropractic to resolve the headaches, I learned that most, if not all, of my problems were preventable.

Bad posture, poor hydration, and not stretching were root causes for years of headaches and body pain. This led to sleeplessness and the medications led to bruises and altered mental states. For some, the medications often lead to chemical dependence.

In this case, it was likely that proper hydration, and posture would have prevented all those years of pain. After all, there was never an indication for any invasive procedure.

Yet, had I not learned to manage these headaches, it would have been probable that chronic wear and tear on my bones coupled by chronic pain, would have led to other health problems.

Once I decided to take accountability and practice a little discipline, it wasn't long before I realized my visits to the chiropractor were more preventative than required.

And this is how it should be."

An annual physical should be more of an information guide alerting you to necessary lifestyle changes or complimenting you for a job well done. You might pickup or renew one or two prescriptions, at most.

It should not be a visit to pick up several pages worth of pharmaceuticals.

The philosophy behind holistic health via home remedies is to prevent, as best as possible, illness, pain, unhappiness and a tough road to the end.

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The body has many natural mechanisms to heal itself. This is its natural state, called homeostasis.

Our responsibility is to assist the body in doing what it knows to do best. We do this by preventing illness, and by addressing the root cause of the ailment...and not by only or mostly treating symptoms.

Symptoms are guides to the root cause. You treat the root cause; not the symptom.

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