Home Remedies for Immunity

The biology of immunity is a marvel.

In effect, this natural defense mechanism is to our health what our mind is to our Self.

The human mind allows a person to develop a concept of intellectual self, while the immune system provides a concept of biological self.

Its function is to defend the body against invaders, mibrobes (germs), cancer cells or free radicals and even transplanted tissues.

It recognizes these elements as foreign and interprets these as non-self against which the body must be defended.

The natural state of the body is wellness and it is protected and assisted via homeostasis (state of balance).

The body does this for us despite the penalties of time and self.

This is an intricate system but its basic strategy is quite simple...

It recognizes the enemy, gathers and mobilizes the troops, and attacks.

Here is how this strategy works......

Anatomy - The immune system maintains its own circulatory system.

This system is not composed of blood but rather it consists of the lymphatic vessels which permeates every part of the body except the brain.

These vessels contain a pale, thick fluid (lymph) filled with fatty fluid and white blood cells.

Along the lymphatic vessels are special areas:

Lymph nodes, bone marrow, spleen, liver, lungs, tonsils and the intestinal tract.

Herein resides lymphocytes (a type of white blood cell that produces antibodies) which are literally recruited by the body, mobilized, and deployed to appropriate areas as part of the body's natural defense response .

This is how the body should respond to an infection or a wound, unless it has been compromised.

Your immunity is intended to protect you from Infections.

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Discover Home Remedies for Yeast Infections, Fungal Infections and more.

This natural design is intended to have ready availability and quick assembly for a response anywhere within the body.

Would you like some proof?

Cut or infect your fingertip and you'll notice an enlarged lymph node in the elbow area.

Have you noticed what happens when one has a sore throat?

The lymph nodes surrounding your jaw and neck area become swollen.

The lymph nodes swell because the lymphatic vessels drain the infection by carrying it to the nearest area where a defense response can be organized.

The two greatest advocates for this natural defense mechanism are the foods we eat and our sense of positivity.

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