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A general term used to loosely define care that is typically holistic and natural in its approach.

It encompasses a wide range of health practices for individuals to care for themselves through means which address the underlying cause of a health matter rather than just the symptoms alone.

Search here for Remedies for the Body: arthritis, acne, heartburn, warts, yeast infections and more.

The extent of home based remedies is not limited to herbs and spices. It encompasses habits, attitudes and lifestyle modifications intended to heal or aid in the prevention of illness for a more complex individual.

Home based remedies employ different medicinal, therapeutic and even spiritual modalities intended to treat and cure many health conditions.

The concept also responsibly engages the person to participate and become more accountable towards their own healthcare.

Search here to find Remedies for the Mind: insomnia, depression, headaches, for detox, and more.

The emphasis of holistic, alternative and home based care is on the person functioning as One unit.

This is because an individual is not a composite of different entities but rather, a multi-dimensional entity who balances and experiences a series of relationships: intellectual, spiritual, chemical, emotional and physical.

Well-being is not a passive process. It is a dynamic and ever-evolving venture. It can and often does incorporate holistic or natural remedies as well as conventional medicine. A balance is probably ideal.

Therefore, the goal of this website is to empower the individual, and to promote healthy living by offering knowledge and remedies that will facilitate decision-making.

Discover Remedies for the Soul: Breathing Techniques, Yoga and more.

This website will briefly explain basic anatomy and physiology as a means to further explain the impact of disease on healthy organs. This is then followed by several specific Home Remedies.

As always, if you are ever in doubt about your condition, please consult your physician.


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Home Remedies for the BODY
Search an assortment of home remedies for the body. Click for Home Remedies for acne, heartburn, yeast infection, arthritis, weight loss and others.
Home Remedies for Arthritis, Headaches and Other Pain
Aches, Pain and Sprains - common discomforts but can be indicative of something worse. Click here to learn about pain. Find home remedies for arthritis, headaches, earache and more...
Home Remedies for Heartburn, Home Remedies for Acid Reflux
Got Heartburn, Acid Reflux and Constipated? You definitely want to click here for Home Remedies for Heartburn, Home Remedies for Acid Reflux and more.
Yeast Infection? Education on Infection and how Home Remedies can help.
Yeast infection, Sinus infection, Urinary tract infection. An infection should always raise a red flag, but there are many home remedies available to treat and cure at home.
Natural Acne Treatment, Natural Skin Care and More
Learn about the skin and its purpose. Discover home remedies for natural acne treatment, eczema, hair loss, clear skin and more.
Headaches, Insomnia, Hangover, Detox...and many more other Home Remedies
Learn the impact of the Mind and Body. Home remedies for hangover, home remedies for migraine headaches, depression, insomnia and more
Home Remedies for Anxiety
Learn Causes and Home Remedies Anxiety, Depression, Insomnia and other Mind concerns
Depression, Anxiety --- You do NOT have to live with it!
Depression can lead to physical ailments, but it does not have to. Inexpensive ways to care for yourself NOW at HOME
How Does Your Body Detox?
Learn about the excess work your body experiences without a detox. Search now.
Hangover. The Impact on the Body
What exactly is happening to the body during a Hangover and which Home Remedies are Helpful.
Immunity is a picture of SELF.
Your immunity sees the enemy, gathers its troops, and attacks. Click here for home remedies for the Immune System and help keep it strong!
Insomnia...The Sheep Counter
Insomnia is typically a symptom of an underlying problem. Search here to learn how it affects your Body and to find Home Remedies.
Spirituality: A sense of Wellness and Connection.
What does your spirituality have to do with your health? It can make all the difference if being spiritual keeps you feeling centered and at peace.
Breathing Techniques for Your Overall Good Health
Your heart and lungs are a partnership keeping your body filled with oxygenated blood. Learn more about this and about Home Remedies for Breathing Difficulties.
Why is Meditation Beneficial to Health?
Meditation is a practice intended to <I>quiet</i> the mind. A quiet mind induces the release of beneficial chemicals for the body. Search here to learn about Home Remedies for Meditation.
Visualization and Health
How does visualization impact health? That's the question answered here. Click here Now to find additional tools to assist you in learning this practice. Home remedies for Visualization
Yoga and Health
More individuals are resorting to Yoga as a form of health, or as a form of health. Search here to learn about the benefits of yoga, and how this home remedy can help you create balance and stability
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Home Remedies Blog
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