The Spirituality and Health Connection...

The art of home remedies or holistic health would not be complete without discussing spirituality.

This may not resonate with everyone, but it is a concept that has been with us for many hundreds of years, and its value, in overall health, should not be discredited.

For some, healing of the mind and body begins and is accelerated by spirituality.

There is a fundamental understanding, even in conventional medicine, that the body and mind heal faster when the person having the experience feels centered and connected.

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Well, what does it mean?

Its most basic premise states that we are more than just a physical body, or a mind processing visual, tactile, and emotional data.

The premise has evolved into stating that spirituality is that part of us that is aware.

Some prefer to substitute the word "awareness" with other terms such as consciousness or being present.

Awareness is that part of a person that witnesses a thought.

As a witness, one can better manage the content of those thoughts. In doing so, one can prevent over-identifying with such unfounded thoughts as fear and worry.

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Let's clarify....

If, for example, one is concerned about unemployment, but it is not a real event, then why identify with fear and worry? The reality of it does not exist.

Identifying with unfounded thoughts often leads to headaches, stress, and even heart problems, and cancer. The studies demonstrate this fact.

If, on the other hand, one has valid concerns about some event in the future, then address the root cause pointedly. This is living with purpose and in awareness.

Don't expend your mind and spirit on futile thoughts for these do not direct or guide you.

The witness in you is the guide. The content of your thoughts are managed by the witness.

When the witness is in charge, the toxic chemicals (neuropeptides, etc.) released by years of living with fear, anger, distrust, etc, are minimized.

Years of allowing the mind to wander about without discipline and purpose is, often, the root cause for such ailments as elevated blood pressure, stress, headaches and even cancer.

Anyway, awareness is a right-brain function because it appeals to the ethereal.

What's a thought?

It can be mental image of the color green, or it can be your judgment about the color green.

Your thought can also be a story.

A story is your interpretation or perspective of an event in your life.

Often, a person makes decisions based on their story.

If a person has divorced from a bad marriage, perhaps they fear marrying again based on this past and non-existent experience.

The fact that they are now dating someone with better insights and behaviors does not even play into the equation. The decision is based on the past.

The refusal to enjoy the present moment based on yesterday's mishap is detrimental to one's sense of fullfillment.

In time, this lack and incongruency in life can, and often does, lead to diseases. Studies have proven this fact.

Anyway, this rationale is a left-brain function because it appeals to logic.

So, awareness is that part of you that witnesses yourself thinking of the color green, or witnesses yourself making decisions based on past fears. The witness always makes better decisions than the thinker.

That is the basic definition of spirituality.

The spirit-health connection states that when a person intentionally seeks out that place of awareness, good health tends to follow.

It further states that people living with a greater sense of wellness tend to practice living from a that state, devoid of toxic stress and negative thinking.

Can spirituality impact health?

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Our diverse world lends itself to many different paths practiced by people pursuing their own sense of connection.

Many seek this state of wellness through their practice of a particular religion.

Others seek alternative mediums such as yoga, meditation, breathing techniques, prayer, etc.

We encourage you to find your own formula.

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