To Envision a Healthy Body is to Create a Healthy Body

Visualization, also known as guided imagery, is the discipline of intentionally directing one's thoughts to create a living environment within oneself which is conducive to a more relaxed and focused state.

Guided imagery is based on the idea that the body and mind are connected.

During guided-imagery, the images of your thoughts can be sufficiently tangible to create a feeling as if the moment is now.

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When positive images are visualized, certain neuropeptides (protein-like molecules which aid with brain activity) are released, causing a beneficial effect on the body.

We see this when we re-collect an event which made us feel pleasure or happiness.

If we are not aware that our thoughts have taken us to this pleasurable memory, we can even catch ourselves having a physical response, such as a smile.

These are responses conducive to well-being and good health.

Meditation and Visualization go hand in hand.

Meditation is the act of remaining focused on the present moment.

One can imagine a positive moment in order to induce a sense of relaxation and well-being.

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The same applies when the images of a thought are negative or ill-inspired.

These types of thoughts though, produce chemicals not conducive to relaxation and well-being.

Here is an everyday example.

Think of a time, in the past, when someone truely angered you.

Your feelings were injured, and you felt betrayed.

If this negative thought stays and resides in your mind, you will notice physical reactions such as elevated blood pressure, and increased heart rate, etc.

Most of us are well aware that these physical reactions are detrimental to our body, and our mind, especially in the long term.

Most of us are also well aware that these physical reactions will occur within our body, regardless of whether the thought is positive or negative or whether the thought pertains to a present or past event.

So, the basic premise behind visualization is to take to this natural ability and channel it so that it serves and assists the body in a positive way.

How is this accomplished?

Visualization is a very rewarding discipline, but it does take some practice.

As a culture or a group of people, we do not tend to monitor and guide our thoughts and words.

Yet, this is exactly what one does while visualizing. Thoughts are gently monitored and guided in a specific direction.

The reward, as many will attest, is an overall sense of well-being and relaxation.

In this state, the body responds optimistically.

Many individuals begin the learning process by using tools intended to teach and facilitate this process.

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