Effective Wart Remedy...
Healing the Inside and Outside

Any wart remedy should address the solution from an endogenous (in) and an exogenous (out) perspective.

It simply is the best way to accelerate any healing process.

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Search this Fact Sheet from the CDC to educate yourself more on the virus that causes warts... HPV.

The wart remedy suggested here includes a paste to keep over the wart(s) itself. This remedy also has a drinking tonic with cleansing and purifying properties.

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Typically, the healing process may take about 3-4 weeks, but one can observe changes to the dying wart within days. Under normal circumstances, one will not need to treat the same area twice with this wart remedy.

This being said, Preferred-Home-Remedies.com wants our readers to understand an important point about wart removal...

Wart treatments rely on the patient's immune system to recognize the wart virus proteins and to produce an immune response that will rid the body of this problem.

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This is the main reason why some remedies may not work as efficiently the first time.

One last thing...The key to wart removal is ensuring the topical wart remedy penetrates down to its base. You accomplish this by keeping the paste in place as long as possible.

Wart remedies tend to contain some sort of acid and can be somewhat painful. If this is too bothersome, it is recommended to remove the paste for a short while.

Replace it as soon as you can if you really want the wart(s) to resolve. Meanwhile, ensure you contine to drink the cleansing and purifying tonics.

Here's a few recipes.

First Wart Remedy - Paste and Tonic

This is the strongest of the wart remedies and it can be painful. Use only if your warts are very stubborn and other remedies have not resolved the problem.

If the remedy is too painful, please read ahead for a milder recipe.


- One peeled garlic clove and crush finely. Use only its extracted oil. Garlic is a natural antibiotic and can help with the topical healing process.

- One aspirin and crush or use BC powder to skip the crushing. Aspirin is acidic and will help starve the wart from nutrients.

- Add a small amount of Apple Cider Vinegar. You can also use white vinegar but it's not as effective because it does not contain the same potency and volume of nutrients as ACV. ACV also assists with blood circulation enhancing the healing process.

- Add a small amount of vitamin E to replenish and help restore the skin where the wart resides.

- Add a small amount of baking soda to create the paste. You can eliminate this step as the aspirin will create the paste.

But, if it's too watery, it's best to use baking soda as more aspirin can make this paste much too acidic and painful.

- Mix all these ingredients together forming the paste

- Cleanse area. Place paste over the wart(s) and cover with a bandaid large enough to cover the entire wart

- You can do this throughout the day but, again, if it is too painful, use only at night or read ahead for a milder solution

Precautionary Information: Some comment how this wart remedy can cause a small crater where the wart existed. Some also claim there is slight discoloration of the skin surrounding the wart with this remedy. Use vitamin E during and after the wart falls off to help alleviate this problem.

TONIC for Immune System: This is key to lower the incidents of wart(s) re-growth.

Celandine - Celandine is perennial herb belonging to the poppy family. It is found in Asia, North America and Europe. It's flowers have an unpleasant taste and odor.

It contains anti-microbial and sedative properties. It's anti-microbial properties have been found to be most effective using the herbs from the fall harvest. The strength of the herb depends with the season of the harvest.

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Uses - Celandine has been reported to be an immune system stimulant because it assists digestion, and serves as a liver cleanser.

These are two powerful ways for the body to de-toxify. In some cases, Celandine has been used topically directly on the wart or callus.

Wart Remedy - It contains anti-microbial agents beneficial in cleasing the liver and decreasing inflammation

Available Forms - Extract, Tea and Tincture

Adult Dosages and Routes -

By mouth: Tincture - 10-25 drops in 1:2 dilution ; 3x/day (Moore, 1995)

By mouth: Fluid Extract - 1-2cc; 3x/day (Jellin et al, 2004)

Topical extract: Apply directly to wart(s) and corns, full strength (Not to be done in addition to the suggested paste)

Precautionary Information: Celandine should not be used during pregnancy or lactation. It should also not be used with biliary obstruction.

If this herb is used alone, it should be used short term. It can be used long term if used in a formula. (Moore, 1995)

When used directly on warts or corns, it can cause a stabbing or itching sensation. May also cause hypotension, nausea, fatigue or restlessness.

Warts are Viral, caused by the human-papilloma-virus, (HPV). Here are additional Home Remedies for Warts under Viral Infections

Second Milder Wart Remedy - Paste and Tonic


Vitamin C is essential for the synthesis of collagen, a key structural protein for the restoration of the skin. It is also an anti-oxidant.

It is a natural enemy for warts when taken in high doses. It is a water soluble vitamin and therefore, it is not stored by the body. It needs to be replenished daily.

It can be taken orally in very high doses, or topically applied directly to warts as a paste.

Ascorbic acid powder may be the most beneficial form of Vitamin C but can cause pain, especially if the skin is broken.

Sodium ascorbate and calcium ascorbate are other non-acidic forms of vitamin C.

Both seem to cause less pain. If you can not locate these other forms of Vitamin C, then mix baking soda with ascorbic acid powder to neutralize its PH. Look for the fizz.

The anti-viral properties of Vitamin C are best noted in high concentrations. The best way to receive high Vitamin C concentrations is when it is applied directly to the wart(s).

- Make a paste with vitamin C powder and a few drops of water.

- Mix

- Cleanse area

- Apply the paste directly to warts.

- Cover well with a bandaid large enough to cover the area

- Perform twice per day until resolved


Echinacea - A perennial found Kansas, Missouri, and Nebraska. It is otherwise found throughout the world.

Uses - This herb is used internally as an immune stimulant, immune supportor and as a prophylactic for colds, flu and bacterial infections.

Wart Remedy - It is effective on bacterial, fungal and viral infections. It can used topically to treat and heal wounds.

Available Forms - Tea, capsules, fluid extract, tincture

Adult Dosages and Routes -

- Capsules - 500mg to 1g 3x/day

- Tea - 4g powdered herb simmered in hot water for 15 minutes 3-4x/day

- Tincture - 15-30 drops 2-4x/day or 30-60 drops 2x/day

Precautionary Information: Do not use during pregnancy, though one study (Gallo et al, 2001) showed no harmful effects during the first trimester. Do not use while lactating. Do not give to children under the age of 2. Immunosuppression may occur with extended use. Do not use longer than 8-weeks without a 3-week rest period.

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