What Is RSS?

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What Is RSS?

You can use the ORANGE RSS/XML buttons to receive the most recent Web pages from www.preferred-home-remedies.com.

Here you can learn about the physiology of certain conditions and how to best remedy these through Holistic measures, including Herbs, Diet, Yoga and Health, Spirituality and Health and so much more!

You can also do the same if you're interested in receiving the latest news from CNN, the latest game scores, or information on other blogs, etc.

It's really like having the Web come to you without bookmarking or registering your e-mail address!

"RSS" means "Really Simple Syndication." That just means you can keep up-to-date with www.Preferred-Home-Remedies.com without having to constantly check the website for the most recent changes or additions on "What's New."

Any new web pages or additions to old pages are released through RSS....

There are so many different ways to benefit from Home Remedies. The benefits range from cost-effectiveness to less side effects.

Alot of time and effort has been placed into this endeavor, and we are seeing how folks appreciate "stumbling" upon those pages that offer new insight and new information.

We want to SHARE all this information through RSS with you because Home Remedies has been very helpful to us as well. It's a great way to Pay It Forward!

So, through RSS, we can provide you with the best of www.preferred-home-remedies.com without you having to spend hours searching our site!

RSS is a good thing! There is NO SPAM, NO need to register your e-mail address, AND no Bookmarking! It's also very easy to subscribe and unsubscribe.

If you no longer want that particular feed, just delete it from your RSS.

And in this same way, you can also track all your other favorite sites, and interests throughout the entire world wide web!

How To Get Started?

It's quite simple!!

First, you should download a FREE RSS Reader.

This software will read any "RSS feeds" from the largest to the smallest of all websites.

(You can skip to bottom if you do not want to download this software).

Windows -- RssReader

Mac -- NetNewsWire

Now that you are set-up, here is all you have to do...

Right-click, or...(control-click for Mac users) on the ORANGE RSS button located on the left hand side of any page from www.preferred-home-remedies.com.



Select Copy Shortcut or... ("Copy Link to Clipboard" for Mac), and paste that URL into your RSS Reader.

And you've done it! You're subscribed.

Don't Want To Download New Software?

Some folks prefer to view RSS feeds through their browsers. If you are one of these folks, Google, Yahoo! and others have simple ONE-STEP solutions.

Simply click on one of the buttons (Google, My Yahoo, My MSN or Bloglines) directly below the ORANGE RSS button that you will find on the bottom left corner of every page at www.preferred-home-remedies.com.

Simply follow the instructions provided. And that's it!

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